So, what does one do when it’s 110 degrees outside? Begin writing the second book of the Indigo trilogy of course! It probably sounds odd to my “non-writing” friends, but I am so excited to begin writing “Indigo Instinct”! I feel like I get to “talk” to my friends (the characters) who I haven’t talked to in a while!! I’ve missed them 🙂 The easiest way to explain it is, I don’t “think” of the dialogue. I just sit in my quiet space (not always easy with 3 kids!) and I “listen” to the characters and then write what they say. Yes, I admit it, I “hear voices”. As a certified school counselor I’m pretty sure I’m not crazy, LOL! As I was loading my 2-year-old into the car today, a complete scene of the new booked popped into my head. My son asks, “What are you looking at, Mom?” I realized I must have been staring off into space “seeing” the scene unfold. Ha! ha! And so Indigo Instinct is born. So excited to begin! If you thought Indigo Incite was good, just wait….

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