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This puppy needs a name!

Moss   This adorable little guy, a blue heeler, is the puppy we adopted from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue, two weeks ago. He has the sweetest disposition and is incredibly well-mannered and cuddly. What’s his name? I’m not going to tell you, because I don’t want it to influence your choice for today’s activity:-)

I’m currently writing the second installment of the Indigo Trilogy, INDIGO INSTINCT. Without giving anything away, there is going to be a puppy in the story, modeled after this little guy, but I have yet to give him a name in the book. He will be in, not only this upcoming book but several books to come, even after the Indigo Trilogy. This is your opportunity to have a part in creating the story. You can name him! (For the story of course, he has a name in real life, LOL) So good ahead, toss out your favorite name for a little male, blue heeler. I will take all of the suggestions and pick my top 5 favorites. Then, I will create and post a poll for all of my fans to vote for their favorite puppy name. You might be able to name the dog for several books to come 🙂 What do you think? Go ahead and make a suggestion in the comments section 🙂

Deleted Scenes from Indigo Incite

Indigo Photoshoot - 077  This is especially for all of my INDIGO INCITE fans who have been begging for the next book in the trilogy. Don’t start jumping for joy yet, it’s nowhere near done (sorry) HOWEVER, I do have a treat for you! 🙂

What is it you ask? Well, in writing the book, I simply wrote a complete story, with no regard of word count. I simply wrote until the story was done. What many non-writers don’t realize is that, in each specific type of genre, there is a recommended word count. When I finished the first draft, I had 140,000 words! I had to somehow cut it down to 90,000 words, which is about the maximum end of acceptable word count for YA books! This was a very difficult task because I loved EVERY part of the story, so I had to decide which parts were least critical to the story.

What does this mean for you? It means that every month, between now and when INDIGO INSTINCT is released, I will post a “deleted scene” on my blog That’s right! I can’t give you anything yet from the next story, but I can add on to your INDIGO INCITE experience 🙂 I will post all of the deleted scenes under the “Indigo Incite” tab at the top of my blog, to keep it organized and easy to find, or you may follow this link to the first deleted scene 🙂

FREE copy of Indigo Incite & help out a wonderful animal rescue!

photo(16)  Want a FREE COPY of Indigo Incite? Read on and I’ll tell you how

A huge thank you goes out to Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue! What an amazing animal rescue organization! I’m passionate about the importance of animal rescues, and this particular rescue does an incredible job taking in Cattle Dogs in need of a home, from around Arizona. Several of the dogs that they have taken in are blind and/or deaf, and yet their passion for animals shines through as they lovingly take them in until they can find their forever home. The sweet little guy in the picture with me is my new little buddy that I adopted this morning. We are so excited to welcome him in to our home. Our husky is perhaps just as excited to have a friend to play with I can’t believe how well behaved and well trained my new puppy already is. It is very apparent that Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue has spent a lot of loving time with him!

So, about that FREE eBook With the amazing job that the rescue does, also comes a lot of expenses. Every dog that they send to a new home goes fully vetted i.e., spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. Not to mention the cost of dog food! So, I would absolutely love to give back to them!

From today through Sunday, July 21st, I will donate a FREE eBook copy of INDIGO INCITE to every person who donates AT LEAST $5 to Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. Simply follow the link to their website and from their you can make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE, online donation through PayPal After that, just send me a message that you donated and I’ll get you set up with a free book

Thank you in advance for your support of animal rescues! The organization is very excited for this fundraiser and will be VERY appreciative of your donation! Plus, you’ll get a FREE book. So, it’s a win-win for everyone

Amazing Bed & Breakfast!!

photo(14) photo(15)

Still on vacation in Montana, I’m excited to announce that INDIGO INSTINCT, book 2 of the INDIGO TRILOGY, is now completely outlined. The fates of the Indigo Children have been plotted 🙂 It’s going to be VERY, VERY good. I can’t wait to share it with you!!

With one week left of vacation, we are squeezing in non-stop fun. My husband and I were lucky enough to send the kids off with the grandparents so we could enjoy our anniversary getaway in the Swan Mountain Range. We first visited the Swan about ten years ago, and I immediately fell in love with the place! After looking at the few option of places to stay, we decided on the Laughing Horse Lodge. Unsure of what to expect, I was tickled pink when we pulled up front to the quaint little lodge. The whiteboard, posted on the front porch, announced that check-in was self-service. As you can see on the sign, we were in room #2. The sign announced that our room was unlocked and we could find the key on the windowsill:-)  I immediately knew that I was going to love the place! I wish I had more pictures to share because it doesn’t do it justice. Each room has a private entrance and the inside is cleverly decorated to look like a log cabin. So cute!! The back yard had a beautiful flower garden and green foliage and chairs to relax in, a perfect, inviting spot that called out and said “relax for a while and read a good book!”.

Dinner was just as entertaining. Laughing Horse also boasts a gourmet restaurant, and the ever friendly chef who came out to greet the restaurant patrons, was none other than the owner herself. My seared ahi steak on a fresh bed of lettuce, picked from the garden out back, was incredible! Breakfast was amazing as well, blueberry & peach pancakes, eggs, and fresh bacon.

If you ever get a chance to vacation in Montana, the Seeley/Swan Range is a must-see, and if you’re looking for overnight lodging that feels like authentic Montana, don’t hesitate to stay at The Laughing Horse. I can’t wait to go back again!!

A Journey Through Pet Adoption

IMG_0830-1 My blog today strays from my typical novel related posts because I wanted to share something with you that is dear to my heart. In January I adopted this adorable Flame Point Siamese, Toby, from an animal rescue in the Phoenix area. I loved the idea of adopting a kitten who needed a home, rather than simply purchasing one. Through the adoption process, my eyes were opened to the world of animal rescues. I never knew there was a difference between an “animal rescue” vs. a “shelter”, and wow, what a difference there is! Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to rescue a pet from a shelter! Most times, animals in shelters have a time limit, and once their “time is up” they are put down. Depending on the shelter, there are definitely some nicer than others, the animals spend most of their time in cages. This is how I always pictured animal rescues, but they couldn’t be any more different. The animal rescues that I have come in contact with lately, “rescue” many of their animals from shelters to prevent them from being put down. The animal rescues then “foster out” the animals to foster families and they live in the home for however long is necessary to get adopted out to their “forever home”. When I found my sweet Toby, he was living in a foster home with several other kittens and adult cats. They had a beautiful area of the house and were free to roam. I had originally planned to visit another foster family to visit another kitten, but as soon as I met Toby, I knew that he was “the one”.

My journey isn’t over yet. We’ve decided to adopt a puppy in a few weeks, and I have been doing extensive research on animal rescue websites to find the puppy that is perfect for our family. Most of the websites will write about the animal’s history so that you know exactly what the animal is like. The great thing about the dogs who are living in rescues is that they get used to living in a house and the foster family works on introducing them to other dogs, cats, and children in many instances, depending on the foster home. As I mentioned, I am all about rescuing a pet from a shelter. There are some amazing animals out there for adoption, but I absolutely love the idea of going to someone’s home, knowing that the dog has been loved and played with and trained every day. Most of all, I love the idea of giving a home to a dog who is in need of a permanent home.

I’m excited that my search for a puppy is almost over, I hope! I haven’t met the little guy yet, but I have seen pictures of him and I’ve been in contact with the foster family. It’s a big process, I feel like we are adopting a child, LOL! We had to fill out an application, I’ve had a phone interview, now we have to have a home inspection. A lot more work than going out to just buy a puppy, but so much more rewarding and well worth it! Some people are surprised that it costs so much to adopt a pet from an animal rescue. I’ve heard some people say, if the animal needs a home, why not lower the price to make it more affordable, but here is the other side of the picture…I will be paying $200 for my puppy. That price covers all of the food that they’ve given him since he’s come to their home and he will come neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated! In the end, even if I went out and got a puppy for free, the vet bills for neutering, microchipping, and vaccines would be much more than $200! I say that is a wonderful deal!

So there’s my journey to finding my new furry friends. When I do finally get to adopt my new little puppy love, I will share his picture with you. For anyone who is considering adding a kitten or puppy, cat or dog to their family, I encourage you to check out your local animal rescues or animal shelters. This is a wonderful link that I have used that connects to all local animal rescues in your area, if you are interested 🙂