My Labor Day camping fun

photo(27)  I hope everyone enjoyed a great Labor Day weekend! I just returned from a relaxing camping trip with my husband, kids, and dogs. It was wonderful to be in the middle of the woods with no distractions and away from the summer heat! Here are the top 10 highlights of my weekend:

10:  Adorable baby toads hopping everywhere 🙂

9:  Smores!!

8:  The sound of rain on the tent

7:  Seeing my puppy in the woods for the first time. He was born to camp!

6:  Seeing no other people all weekend

5:  BBQ mushroom burgers on a campfire

4:  Countless, breathtaking, bright stars!!

3:  Temperatures under 100 degrees!

2:  Spending time with my husband

1:  Watching the kids play happily together with no electronics involved

Now, we’re back to the desert heat and work and school, but I’m excited, of course, to get back to writing 🙂

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