Review of Blind Sight by Nicole Storey

blind sight 2


Blind Sight Book #1 in The Celadon Circle

by Nicole Storey


Jordan has visions of monsters, demons, and death. Seventeen, orphaned, and born into the family business, she doesn’t have friends, she doesn’t have choices. Her uncle, older brothers, and a few annoying angels dominate her life, demanding she tow their lines – and the punishment is severe when those lines are crossed.

When Jordan is ordered to help hunt down a monster, she’s not sure which she dreads more: the elusive, blood-thirsty creature or spending time in a cramped backwoods cabin with a brother who despises her. To make matters worse, a demon shows up and warns Jordan that she could be her family’s next assignment.

In a game between Good and Evil where God seems to have tapped out early, lines are blurred and not everything is as it seems. Jordan learns a little too late that the real monster is closer than she thinks.


Blind Sight was a fun, easy read that flowed smoothly. I loved that the characters had flaws but were still likeable. Each character had a distinct personality that made them seem more real.

Nicole Storey has a talent to weave a story through creative imagination. Blind Sight brings a new twist to old ideas. I always appreciate a story that doesn’t copy ideas and plots that have already been done. The creativity, originality, and fun characters immediately wrapped me into the story and I didn’t want to put it down.

In the beginning the reader is introduced to Jordan, a teenage girl who lives in the backwoods with her uncle and two older brothers. Jordan is gifted or cursed with the ability to see and talk to angels. The angels don’t follow the traditional line of thinking that all angelic creatures are good. The angels have a mission and a purpose, but it definitely isn’t about flitting around in white dresses with pretty wings and halos. Blind Sight is a story that crosses traditional lines and the reader is left wondering which side the angels and demons are on. Yep, there are demons in the story too. This is a tale that kept me turning the pages because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

I mentioned that each character has a distinct personality. Her brothers weren’t always nice, but they were likeable and the story wouldn’t be the same without them. I also love Jordan’s friend, Wendy. Wendy has flaws as well and it was perfect because so many teenage girls who read this will be able to relate to her. If Wendy was a real person, she would be a great role model.

Any downsides to this story? If you are a strict christian who has firm beliefs of angels and the role they play, you probably won’t enjoy the story. But if you love a book with an exciting paranormal twist, you will absolutely love this book. I also love that this is a YA book that I would be able to recommend to readers who actually fall into the YA age range. So many YA books these days have questionable love scenes and excessive language that aren’t necessarily appropriate for YA readers. As an adult, I enjoy these books but wouldn’t recommend them to the teenagers who I know and work with. Blind Sight is a fun read for teenagers and adults and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves a great paranormal adventure. I am most excited that this is only book #1 in the series. I will definitely be one of the first readers to pick up book #2 in The Celadon Circle series once it is released! 🙂  5*****

Check out the awesome trailer for Blind Sight if you would like to find out more! 🙂

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