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Indigo Incite Twitter (2)


That’s right! Indigo Incite, Book #1 in the Indigo Trilogy is free Feb. 20th-22nd in the Kindle store!!

Here’s what others are saying about this YA sci-fi adventure:

“An action-packed, thoughtful, and beautifully heart-warming read…” – Old Victorian Quill

“The characters would make an interesting TV show or movie…” – I Feel the Need, The Need to Read

“Buchmann’s tale draws the reader in from the first moment…” Out of Control Characters

Share the news with your friends and get your own copy now before book 2, Indigo Instinct is released in May!

Amazon link:

Review of BETWEEN by Cyndi Tefft




It just figures that the love of Lindsey Water’s life isn’t alive at all, but the grim reaper, complete with a dimpled smile and Scottish accent.

After transporting souls to heaven for the last 300 years, Aiden MacRae has all but given up on finding the one whose love will redeem him and allow him entry through the pearly gates.

Torn between her growing attraction to Aiden and heaven’s siren song, Lindsey must learn the hard way whether love really can transcend all boundaries.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up this book. It sounded good for sure but I had never encountered a similar storyline. It immediately appealed to me because I always appreciate a story with originality, and I am always drawn to a tale with love and supernatural aspects.

The beginning of the book drew me in immediately. The main character, Lindsey, is thrown into a world of chaos but is surprised when she discovers love. Between is for the older YA age range leading to NA as there are very mild love scenes, but it is definitely sweet and not explicit. This would be a good “beginner” level love story for an older teenager. Despite her traumatic events, Lindsey is drawn to Aiden who is incredibly handsome and sweet and thoughtful and best of all, even though Lindsey doesn’t have a super skinny super-model body (a fact that I love!), he thinks that she is absolutely beautiful and he makes it perfectly clear that her curvaceous body is perfect and beautiful just the way it is.

As the story progresses, the two get to know each other through magic and wonder. It’s simple and fun and makes for a light-easy read. Just when I thought I had the story figured it, Cyndi Tefft threw in a few HUGE surprises. Even though the story was really good for the first half, it had me on edge and turning the pages faster as I neared the end. I have already ordered book 2 in the series, Hell Transporter, and absolutely can not wait to get it!!

To sum it up, Between is a sweet YA/NA love story with surprising twists and rich emotion. An enthusiastic 5 stars 🙂