Indigo Incite excerpt #3

Here’s one more teaser, from the book, before the big release date tomorrow! Hope you enjoy!


I could just drive away, he heard Eddie think. I could keep going, never look back, and pretend we never met.

“You could,” Tyler said. “It’s definitely an option.”

Eddie looked, as expected, very confused. “I could do what? What’s an option?”

“You could drive away and never look back.”

“How did you know…?”

Tyler shrugged. “My brother’s not the only one with talent. It’s true. You could drive away, pretend that you never met me, but it wouldn’t put an end to all of this. My brother isn’t the one who threw a kink in your plans. The people who kidnapped him are. You’re damn lucky that my brother had the power to contact you. If he hadn’t, you could be in the same position that he’s in right now. The people who took him want you, too.  Like it or not, we have to rely on each other if we’re going to make it through this.

“Now, I need to get my bag. Can I trust that you aren’t going to drive away once I get out?”

Eddie gave him a half smile. “Go ahead. I’ll wait right here.”

Tyler checked on Eddie’s thoughts one more time. Once he was certain that his new friend wasn’t going to leave him in the dust, he jumped out of the Jeep and yanked on the door handle of Kirby’s car. It was locked. It couldn’t be. Kirby never locked his car. He walked around the vehicle and tried each handle, but to no avail.

Eddie got out of the Jeep and came to stand by his side. “Car’s locked I take it?”

“Yeah. He never locks the car.” He slammed his hand on the roof.

Eddie sighed. “Just add breaking and entering to my police record, along with kidnapping.”

Tyler glanced at him. “You’re going to break in? Do you have a lot of experience with breaking into cars?”

Eddie scowled. “No, I don’t. Until I met you, the idea of breaking the law never crossed my mind. Do you see anyone coming?”

Tyler peered up and down the aisle of parked vehicles. They were parked in the back of the lot, and thankfully, there was no one around. “Um, nope. Looks clear.”

“Good. This should just take a moment.”

“What will? What are you going to do?”

Eddie grinned. “You and your brother aren’t the only ones with powers. Watch and see.” He placed his right hand, slightly above the handle on the door and placed his left hand near the locking mechanism. In less than ten seconds, Tyler heard the click.

“Voila.” Eddie smiled and flourished a hand toward the door. “One unlocked car, as you wished.”


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