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Happy Mother’s Day!

On this Mother’s Day, when I am on the verge of achieving a dream long in the making, I am so excited that Indigo Incite, my debut novel, is about to be published and shared for anyone who wishes to read it. It’s been a dream, long time coming, and for that I can thank my mother and my grandmother for helping to make my dream become a reality. My mother has always encouraged me to reach for my dreams, and because of that, it has never occurred to me that I couldn’t do anything that I set my mind to. My grandmother, with her inspirational wisdom, gave me the idea to write a story, many years ago, about Indigo Children. Thanks to these two wonderful women in my life, Indigo Incite has now become a reality.

From the time I could pick up a pencil and write, I knew that I had to be a writer. When I was in second grade, my mother used to bring me to work with her, on the weekends (back in the day when it was no big deal). She gave me a blank journal and colored pencils, and during that time while I sat at her work, I began to create and illustrate stories. My love for writing was born with that journal and has continued to grow and flourish.

It has been said that you know your true passion and meaning in life when you find something to do and suddenly, in that moment, you lose all sense of time. That is where I find myself in writing. When I write, there is no such thing as time (except when my kids remind me that I should probably cook dinner).  I have found my true passion in life in writing. That is my hope and dream for my children. On this mother’s day and always, I dream that they follow their true inner calling. In doing so, they will find happiness. That’s all a mother could ever wish for, for her children.